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Microsoft Account & OneDrive


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Hi people,

I´m new to the surface (received it yesterday evening) and I have a question about the OneDrive Options. For the first time I used a Microsoft Account on my Windows (Win 8 on desktop I use since it was released, but always and only with local account) and this switched on the OneDrive connection. As far as I understood, all my data which I now save on my devices will be automatically stored into my OneDrive account. So I switched of that integration in the Computer Settings. Is that enough? Or is there more where I need to switch it off?
I don´t want to get rid of OneDrive completly, but I want to decide by myself what to store there and what not...

And by the way: Very nice device it is. Have the i5/8GB/256GB Version and finally I archived what I was waiting for so long: One device. I had iPad before - was not mine. I had Android tablet before - was not mine. Both had to much regulations and I always needed an extra Laptop for the real work. But now? All in one device. I very much love it!


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OneDrive is separate, and anything you save locally is not automatically saved on OneDrive. If you turn on Syncing, your preferences and settings are saved to OneDrive, and if you use OneNote MUI or if you chose OneNote 2013 notebooks are saved on OneDrive as well....


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Thanks. I feared that a complete sync will block my complete account and no more space left for tbe files which i need to have on onedrive.