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Lock groups?

Arizona Willie

Active Member
Is there any way to lock a group or groups of Tiles we have on our START screen?

Seems there should be a way to get things where we want them, then freeze the group so nothing can change it without permission.
Tile groups are on a per user basis, so if you let someone else use your system with a different account, they will see their own tiles/groups.
No I wasn't worried about multiple accounts. I did make an account for my owner, but I'm well aware that she has separate files and what she does won't affect mine. As long as she goes into her own account before playing around :)

It is relatively easy to accidentally drag an icon from one group to another. I've managed to do it :(
That's why I asked about locking the groups. It's only an annoyance, but one that would seem to have a relatively easy fix. Just provide people with the ability to Lock a group so no changes can be made without unlocking it.
I do like the idea of locking down a group of tiles. There's been moments where I dragged a tile from one place to another by mistake.