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Solved Lock Screen Images


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How do I use some of these fabulous lock screen images as my backgrounds? These are awesome looking on my Surface Book but I can't seem to locate them on my hard drive.
You will find those images (and more) here:

Do not add or delete files from this folder (unknown effects if you do). The files are .jpg images, though the filetype does not reveal that.

To make copies for your own use:
1) Browse to the folder above
2) Copy all files
3) Create a new folder somewhere, and paste all files there.
4) While browsing within your new folder with Windows Explorer, use the the 'File' menu to open a command prompt as an Administrator.
5) Run this command: ren *.* *.jpg

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Thank you sir. I will give that a shot this evening. You are always such a help to everyone here on these forums and it is much appreciated!
I couldn't get rename *.* *.jpg to work for me. It kept giving me an error so I reverted back to my DOS days and tried ren *.* *.jpg and it worked like a charm.