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Looking for a simple photo / markup app

Jason Beauchamp

New Member
Hello all, I'm new to the surface pro. Just picked up a surface pro 6. I am looking for a simple program the will allow me to take a photo, then mark it up, save it and email it. I know I can do it with taking the photo then opening it up and marking it up and saving it. There has to be a program out there that will allow me to take the photo then mark it up and save it. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Thank you


Staff member
As you describe this simple App, it seems you want an all-in-one solution. A major problem with all-in-one software solutions is that they are rarely simple, and also rarely have all the options the majority of users would need. If the software did have all of this, it would not be simple. ;)

It sounds like your description is a Surface computer.

My Surface Book is loaded with very good photo editing and communication software. But when I want to do as you describe, I use my Surface to do this:

"Allow me to take the photo ..."
Take a photo with the Camera app. Then choose item "Open folder". Windows file manager will show it as the newest item.

"... mark it up and save it …"
Right-click on the newest item, and "Open with" Paint. When finished marking up, close Paint, using option "Save".

"... email it."
You are back in Windows file manager again. Right-click on the photo and "Share …".
Or drag the marked up photo to your email app.

I hope this is helpful.