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Lots of photos...what are YOU doing?


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I have recently moved my entire life onto a Surface Pro. My personal photo and video library is almost 80 GB, and my music collection is more than that.

I've filled my C drive with apps and applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, Office and more). So I had to buy an external drive just to hold all the photos, videos and music. But that means they aren't with me when I go portable.

I could upgrade to a Pro 2 and get a larger C drive, but things are moving is away from heavy desktops and out to the cloud, and Surface is the future, not Surface Pro. I could put all those photos on skydrive, but I can't imagine that's useful, and how do you back the cloud up? How do you manage 40,000 pictures in skydrive?

What have you guys done with your photo collection? How does that work on your Surface or Surface Pro? And what software are you using to manage and edit photos on your Surface?


I store some of my photos on my Pro, but the rest (probably millions by now lol) are in the cloud, either in SkyDrive (all my Lumia's picks auto upload) or in Dropbox or Box.


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I have my photos split between being stored on the Surface Pro, uploaded to SkyDrive, and on a networked Windows 7 PC in another room. I'd like to get everything on SkyDrive eventually but it's a long, slow process. Though I find Windows 8.1 is great for that, very easy to use!