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Looks like KB2881553 is broken again.


KB2881553 is "Update for the English Input Personalization Dictionary" and contains updated "autocorrect" rules for the touch keyboard. An updated version is released approximately every day or so.

Every machine I have seen it offered on will install it, then it is immediately available again for install. As I didn't notice it was happening right away, and had imported the update into WSUS, I had dozens of identical success messages when I caught it this morning.

This seems to have started happening when 16.1.1115.1 was released yesterday and continues with 16.1.1116.1 as of today. It appears they have broken the install rules so it doesn't recognize that it's already installed.

(The fact that it isn't available to WSUS is a constant thorn in my side as I have to find it in the catalog and import it regularly, as I don't want to be visiting all my touchscreen users on a daily basis to download an update. Now I can't even do that because the client machines will be installing it over and over.)