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Looks like MS got the all clear for the Surface Pro


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That's great, but no surprise. MS knows what they're doing.

I am curious about the Pro but if what I have read is true the shorter battery charge life makes me doubtful about buying one.
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Originally I thought the Pro was the device to have, but with the battery life, I'm now thinking the sticking with my RT and logging into a desktop with RDC for the heavy work is a better overall package for my needs.


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Sin - Exactly my thoughts, that has been my workflow for a few weeks and I'm loving it....


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Originally I thought the RT was going to be too limited and while there are aspects that I feel fall short they are more app specific and things that I have been working around on Windows Phone. The issue I have haven't been great enough for the battery life of the Pro to be worth it. Even from a business point of view, unless someone is going to use the Surface Pro as their only machine, I think the RT and being able to remote into a desktop machine would be a pretty powerful combination.


I wanted to get the Surface Pro for my new work ultrabook but we have a deal with Dell for our hardware. I ordered the Dell XPS 12 Duo, crazy thing is that it is more expensive than the Surface Pro, but I am getting an i7 and 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, unfortunately no digitizer which is odd given the price of about $1700.


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at first i wanted too the surface pro, but there are 3 no-goes against the surface pro:
-battery live (should be about 4-5 hours, which is to little)
-weight (about 900g for a tablet is to many)
-price (about 900 dollars is to expensive for me)

so i think i will get the surface rt


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I see what your saying, do you have any second thoughts about the Pro being faster and more of a PC allowing 3rd party apps and programs?


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@ BennyDBowser
if you are replaying to me, i know this. it is really nice that you can run intel x86 programms (from windows 7 etc.) on the surface pro, but i want to use it as a tablet, and as a tablet it is for me to expensive, to heavy and has a to short battery life. i think the "first" really good tablets will come with the new intel haswell processors.