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Why doesn't MS just include the keyboard with the Surface Pro?


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Ok, we all now know that Microsoft is getting their a**es handed to them on the Surface line to the tune of almost $1 billion large. They blame this on the RT but c'mon, the Surface Pro isn't setting any sales record either. They just dramatically cut the price of the RT and even threw in a free keyboard before that.

So, my question is - why not include a free keyboard with the Surface Pro and move some damned units? From what I have read, MS's cost in that keyboard is like $16. So what's the problem? Seems MS is stuck on stupid here.

* P.S., I know I said I was leaving but I just went through the weekend sales this morning and couldn't believe no one was throwing in a keyboard with the SP. Amazing.

:big smile:See this is why kids can't work for large companies like MS, they just make too much damned sense for anyone in a large company to understand. PREACH ON BROTHER 7, SPEAK THE GOOD WORD AND LET TRUTH RING FORTH! Wait no this is Microsoft we are talking about here, so SHHHH, someone at another company might hear you. Seems MS is stuck on Stupid in myriad places. But I could not agree with this post more. Except I did like the one where you asked how some of the decisions that Microsoft made survived the numerous and lengthy meetings we all know they had to come to the design decisions they finally implemented into the Pro. That post was pretty classic too.
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They really need to add a "nominate for BEST POST on the subject matter in the post EVER" button. Or maybe just a 'LOVE' something more than like. I have been saying this since before the products released. I have been saying the price points need to be half what they were at launch. Surface RT at $250 with a Keyboard? That's decent little deal with the H&S. Surface Pro 128 GB at 599 with a Keyboard? That's an iPad alternative not a specialty device you will end up GIVING AWAY free to the last 500 developers in the world that bother to show up at your conference.

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