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Losing connection to ports and docking station


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My Surface Pro hangs and then loses connection to all of it´s connected devices. Usb devices connected to my docking station 1, usb device connected to Surface Pro, I lose connection to my Surface keyboard and also my ethernet adapter is gone. I tried to disconnect my USB hard drives from both docking station and Surface Pro then plug it back in again but Windows does not seem to find any of my drives at all. My ethernet adapter from docking station is also gone even if I plug out and in the docking station (it still charging my Surface Pro but that is it). The Surface keyboard comes back after like 20 seconds when this is happening. If I unplug the power cord to the docking station or just restart my Surface Pro everything is back to normal. After having it powered on for a few days it loses connection again. I had this problem before and I think I fixed it by uninstalling a specific Windows update, but I am only 95% sure that the update was the cause. I am not sure which update could have caused it now, but it started maybe in January. I know I never did anything else than uninstalling an update before the problem got solved last time.
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Sorry for this trouble, @Lugie.

Check for debris causing a bad connection of the screen with the keyboard. Clean or blow out to make sure they are clean.