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Seems like no matter what power option I tweak, I always lose my network connections when I lock my tablet. I have an SP4 with a docking station. I use the ethernet port in the docking station as well as 2 USB ethernet dongles connected to a usb hub that is connected to the docking station. I have 2 monitors connected of mini-DP/DP to the docking station as well, they always seem to be disconnected as well...which forces all of carefully laid out windows to be crammed onto the tablet screen wen I unlock. I'm only doing win+l to lock...not flipping keyboard cover up or pressing power.

So, is it possible to not lose all of my network connections and displays when I lock the screen? I probably waste 15-30 minutes a day reconnecting to things.

Win 10 Ent 1809 lastest updates. Surface Pro tablet and dock all latest drivers/firmware as well.

I have a very similar setup.

I do occasionally lose connection to my monitors but that's rare. Lately though, I do lose network connection if my SP4 is locked for more than a few minutes. It wasn't like this before, but seems to have started recently.