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Loss of Video Signal using HBO Go


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I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. I'm connected to dual monitors via Startech Hub.
I have no problem streaming except when using HBO GO. As soon as I hit the play button the monitor which is I am using to watch goes into sleep mode. If you go to the program on the task bar you can see the video playing. I have used different monitors and internet explorers (Chrome,Edge) and both see the same issue. As soon as I close the brower the video signal returns and the monitor comes back to life.



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That sounds like what would happen if the video was trying to run at a resolution, (or refresh rate), that is higher than what the monitor can handle.


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That appears to be the issue. NBCSports, ESPN, Netflix all work. HBO and MAX (Also owned by HBO) don't work. Some extra troubleshooting needed. Using DVi inputs. May try standard cable to check it out.