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Video Card issues with SP2 and Docking Station?


I have a Surface Pro 2 and the docking station and use a Samsung monitor for external display via the displayport adapter to a brand new hdmi cable to my monitor. I have been playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown (on low settings) for the last week because I saw that it works well with SP2. One day, after playing for several hours, I noticed the monitor dropping the connection intermittently and/or red horizontal lines flickering on my monitor. I felt the SP2 and it was quite warm whenever it did this and I could hear the fans running inside. Eventually the red lines go away and the monitor will just display what looks like high resolution static (if does not look like the static that appears when I try to watch tv on it). When I restart and the "Restarting..." screen comes up the lines only show up next to the "dots" animation and "Restarting" text which tells me it probably has something to do with the video card.

At no point in time does the actual screen on the Surface display any problems, it is just the external monitor. Am I correct in assuming that I have been taxing the system too much and the video card is overheating and not able to handle the output to the monitor? I have had this setup for two weeks and the only time I had problems was playing games. I can hear the fans running whenever this happens. If I let it cool down for an hour it will work fine for awhile but eventually overheat again. Am I burning up my video card and doing harm?