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Mail App has no Options setting


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My email only goes into the out folder and sits there. Can't find any settings or app "options" Since there are no real setting (only set up) and no options settings, does anyone know where I can go to look for a problem? THX

I had this Surface for 3 days and it's great to use but the apps are bad...even the simplest app for my Android phone has settings and options. These windows apps have non of that...I'm finding the apps to be pretty week.


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They all have options, just swipe in from the right to open the Charms bar. This menu is context-sensitive, so the options there are for the app that's currently open (in your case the mail app).


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I also was very frustrated with the Mail App when I first got my Surface. There is very limited instructions out there. Most of the setting are under the account:

1. Swipe on the Right to get to the Charm Bar
2. Select Setting
3. Select Accounts
4. Select you mail account

Now you see many options and settings.

I was most frustrated with the inability to sort or search for mail in your inbox easily. After talking with some Microsoft people I found some easy ways to search and sort emails:

1. Just type a search word when you are in your inbox and it will start searching
2. In the Search charm type "From:Jane Smith" and it will pull up all emails from Jane Smith. This really works well. You can also use "Sent", "Subject", etc.

Good Luck


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I would like to see a few more options in the email client. Has anyone figured out how wo make the email client download images within emails by default? As most are on WiFi only I can't figure out why this is not in the standard options


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If you go into the email app and settings, add accounts and select "Other account" there is an option for POP


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Honestly the option I want to seen is to add a POP3 account...

galeman: I was able to forward all my mail from my pop3 account by logging into it on the web and changing the settings. In addition you can use Hotmail or GMail to manage and pull emails from a POP3 account.

There is a guide on the Windows 8 : Getting Started Site.


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If you'd like the same options you had in Hotmail or Outlook.com (such as the the ability to use an Alias), you can use your Hotmail or Outlook.com online account the same way you'd use the Mail app. From the IE10 UI go to your Hotmail or Outlook.com account (you'll want to use this as the Microsoft account you use to login to the Surface). In IE10 UI you will want to pin that webpage to the Start screen (the Tile will say Hotmail for Hotmail accounts and Outlook for Outlook.com accounts), If you also save it to Favorites you can then drag it out of IE10 Favorites in the Desktop which creates a shortcut to it there (the Shortcut will say Hotmail or Outlook and your email user name).

To be on the safe side be sure to add the Outlook.com account to the Mail app, so you are extra sure all the Microsoft apps will sync up. The access to the People, Messaging, Calendar and SkyDrive apps are far easier within the Outlook Tile than the Mail app. If you are using the Hotmail or Outlook.com Tile exclusively for email, the Mail app can be unpinned from the Start screen (you can always add it back to the Start screen later, if desired).