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Things you don't seem to be able to undo


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There are a lot of things you can do, without any obvious way of undoing them.


Say you install an app and find out it's only Spanish and want to delete it. I'm talking about the Windows Store apps; not the normal windows apps. When I try to uninstall the normal way, it says no apps installed. But there are lots of Windows Store apps installed. I don't seem to be able to delete them once installed. How do you delete apps? I mean completely remove them; not just hide the icon. I'm sure there's a way, but I can't find it.


There seems to be a lot of things you can't undo, like how to redo your email. Seems once you set it up, you can't switch to another. How do you change emails, once the mail client is setup?


It's pretty easy to ADD a user, but ADD seems to be the only option. There isn't any DELETE. I did find a way of doing this by going to the desktop and doing it the usual way. But since it was added from the Metro display, I figured there must be a way there but can't find it.

I'm sure there are others.


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1: Select the app on the start screen with holding + short swipe down. Select uninstall on the appearing context bar at the bottom. 2: Your accounts are listed on the bottom left corner. Just click. 3: I've found no other solution. Sry.