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Mail App workaround?


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I just realized that the Mail app doesn't actually hang, and move actually works as before.

Tag the email, bring up the app bar, the main pane dims (this is the part I can't remember if it did before), then touch the destination folder. This is how it worked before, and still do.


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OK. I get to the part where the main pane dims and almost whitens out and then I quit. I'll wait for a bit and see if the move actually takes place on my RT. Thanks for the heads-up.

EDIT: Yes, it works just as you guys described it. I thought a dialogue box would show up in which I would have to choose which folder I want to move the mails to, but apparently not. It works like how Arnold describes it. Hmmm...very counter-intuitive.

I think much of the problem with the Mail app specifically, but also with Win RT generally is that discovering how things get done are a bit of an adventure requiring patience which, unfortunately, most of us don't have the luxury of time to have. We would like things to just work in the most intuitive way possible right out of the box. And, true to form, MS has done a horrible job in explaining and publicizing how things are done or should be done. But if I ignore this, I think that much of the criticism that the Surface RT in particular has garnered (software wise) is not warranted. In many ways - with the caveat that I am not bound by too many legacy apps - I think the Surface RT is an even better machine than the Pro. But that's just my personal point of view. I also think that having Outlook on the RT would probably not be very helpful; instead a better integration between the current core apps on the Surface would probably be a better bet - like highlighting text in say the browser (in the Modern UI) and being able to invoke the Mail app to email that bit out to a target and other things like that. Again, this is just my personal opinion.
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