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Mail Delivery Problems


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I have two email accounts set to sync using the default Mail app on my Surface Pro tablet. One is an outlook.com account, the other gmail.com They are both set to download new email "As items arrive," which I assume is the same as the push delivery on my iPad or Android phone. Neither account is syncing in real time or downloading messages as they arrive. I have had it on all day, but my Outlook.com account doesn't have any new messages from the last six hours, and my gmail.com account is (again) flashing "<account>@gmail.com is unavailable." The whole time, though, I can hear my iPad and Android chiming with new messages. Does anyone else have this problem, or could you advise on what else I should investigate? I have searched this forum but do not see a similar issue asked or solved.

Thank you.
I haven't had these issues here, but with other devices I just deleted the email account and reinstalled it and it worked fine..try that