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Mail App Problem


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I just upgraded from RT to Pro today- What a wonderful difference!
I have a problem that hopefully has a quick fix: the Mail app does not connect to my gmail account...
I have tried deleting and then reinstalling the mail app; it simply states my gmail account is "unavailable" and "unable to sync"
Any thoughts?
Google last week announced in a blog post entitled "Winter cleaning" that on January 30, it will be shutting down Google Sync -- a feature that allowed Gmail users to sync their mail, calendar, and contacts through Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync protocol -- for consumers who use the company's free e-mail application. Google Apps for Business, Government, and Education users will still have access to Google Sync.
The July 31st extension seems to be for Windows Phone only. Those of us who are just buying Windows 8 devices, and who have Gmail accounts, can not sync with the Win 8 applications (mail, calendar, etc.). I am considering changing e-mail accounts over this, but that is such a big hassle...
I have not seen any indication that Microsoft is considering making their Win 8 applications compatible with Google at this point.
So far I don't have any trouble syncing my Google accounts, but I have held off on installing the updates on the mail, calendar etc. just in case.
After checking the link provided by Bosamar I realize that I was fortunate to be grandfathered in on this one.
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I can connect my email just not sync calendar and contacts. It's because I did after January 30th
I am now linked into my e-mail. Thanks for the help. Maybe next time I have a problem I will consult the Help references- wow, there's an advanced concept...
Well, I did have a problem.

On my surface pro in the Mail App when I deleted an email it would go in the trash. On My PC (W8 Pro as well) when I delete it archives it, which is what I want.

So go figure.. I may start writing W8 apps so I can make them work how I want. :)