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New here, so please be gentle! So far so good with my Surface Pro. Have question about mail for exchange. I currently use my Nokia E7, which has exchange and Windows Mobile built in, so my company email is fully functional, provides calendar synch, can search mail, search users, etc. I tried to set this up for my Surface, and it works to an extent, but it functions just like any email app, that is, very limited functionality in comparison, and don't see calendar, other folders, etc. What do I need to install on my Surface? Outlook? Thanks.


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You might also want to look into TouchDown for your Exchange email. I used it for Android for my exchange email, calendar etc. and it worked great. As stated above I currently use Office outlook 2013 for this. I have not used Touchdown for Windows 8 so I cannot comment how it works here but I have heard it works as good as Android version. Search in the App store...


Your calendar items should show up in the Calendar app. One problem with Outlook is that it doesn't support the ActiveSync connection if that's you're only access to your company email.


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Outlook may not work at all. Not all companies support outlook sync with exchange on non-ARM processor devices.


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All my Android phones support Exchange Active Sync. Include the $60 7" tablet I also own.


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