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can Mail app archive messages in Gmail account instead of deleting them?


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apologies if this has been covered previously, but I couldn't find a relevant thread via search.

I like the Mail app (for Metro/TileWorld/"new") but have trouble using it with Gmail. My favorite feature of Gmail is that it allows you to "archive" messages without deleting them, such that they are searchable instead of gone.

but when I access my Gmail account using the Mail app, of course there is no Archive button. so when I delete a message, it is deleted (as you might expect!)

is there any way to make the Delete button actually archive messages?

right now I go into Gmail manually and move stuff from Trash to Archive. but that is a pain. #firstworldproblems. and it makes me want to bail on the win8 Mail app, as I do not want to bail on Gmail.

Gmail Touch runs too slowly for my tastes, would rather just use the website.

any tips appreciated!


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Nice question. I also have another question related to the Mail app.

Let me start with an example from Gmail (though I suspect this would even work with mail clients - Outlook, TB etc.). My Gmail is connected to my work mail. It pulls mails from the work mail server and stores it. I have also set up the Mail app on my Win 8 and Surface RT to pick up mails from the work mail server. However, I find that if I delete mails on my work mail server, my mails on the Mail app (in both locations) also get deleted. But this is not the case with Gmail.

So, my question is this: How can I set up the Mail app on my Win 8 and Surface RT to mimic what Gmail does? In the case of the Surface, if storage is a problem, then I'd rather be able to upload the stored mails to a dedicated folder on Skydrive (if this can be done automatically, that would be excellent). Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.