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Maintain Start screen position

Would you like the Start screen to remember your position?

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • No

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 4 44.4%

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Does anyone else wish that the Start Screen maintained your position? I've got a lot of stuff in mine and if I'm scrolled all the way to the right to launch something and then I hit the windows key to launch something else that I know is on the right side of my Start Screen, I wish it had kept my position.


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not what your looking for but i keep my stuff grouped together and during the day when working from my home office i pull the groups- work, news etc whatever i plan on using and drag themn to the left. At the end of the day i drag them back and the apps i use in the eve now takes their place. I find it works for me. Your initial quest? would help out accept when you actually dont want to keep your position..

close one door - it opens another...:wink:


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Having a toggle for the behavior would be nice. I would prefer MS focusing on folders first though :)


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Hey you know what might solve this problem?

A Start Button!

Go figure.

What were the odds of this post not receiving a comment like that... only annoyed I did not get there first!

Anyone seen a Windows Blue Count Down Metro app with a live tile yet?