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maintenance is maybe causing faster battery drain?


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I had my Surface sitting beside me and I noticed that when it is not being used and on idle, the maintenance starts to do its thing, and that got me to wondering that when our device is sitting even though it is asleep, could it be the maintenance that is running in the background and causing the faster battery drain? I looked into the maintenance settings and there is NO WAY to turn this off! you can only change the schedule, also I looked online and could not find anything... to me there's no reason to have this running all the time! because it uses the wifi to send info back and forth to MS... just spit ballin here


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I have had concerns about this, mine is forever performing maintenance for reasons unknown to me.

I believe it is down to optimization but again I do not know. I'd like to think it manages the RAM dedication and pushes it to places it needs to be, for use of programs. But again, no idea.

I did notice that the battery depleets a little bit quiker with this on, so I usually turn it off, (stop it) then resume when I get back to camp to use the power outlet and leave it on over night.

I believe you can disable this completely, however, I wouldnt recommend this.