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Solved Associating Complete Protection with Surface Book


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Well the dates of purchase of both the device and the protection are still managed. In your case, you were beyond the 45 days, but it seems Microsoft afforded you favor. But your plan and your device are certainly already mated.


I finally went with the online chat strategy figuring that, if nothing else, it would be a second opinion compared to the store personnel. They confirmed that there was no association of the two in my account and had me send in a copy of my receipt so they could have the Warranty and Exchange team match them. The CS agent will email me in a couple of days with the results.


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Well the day I received my SB (I purcahsed from Best Buy )and it attempted to do updates it wouldn't boot after the update. I went to the MS support website and wen into chat with a MS tech. I had me try thinks like holding the power button for so many seconds waiting and trying again, holding the power and volume up button for some many seconds and nothing worked so he created a ticket for an exchange and thru emailed me the shipping label thru FEDEX along with the service # and where to check status info . I went to Fedex about 10:00 am the next day Thursday (week before Thanksgiving). They received it on Friday and they never updatead the status and I received an email on thanksgiving from Fedex with a tracking number. It arrived Friday morning to Fedex as I changed from deliviering to me picking up at the center.

They actually said don't send it back in the box because they would return with the box but maybe because mine was an exchange i received the box. They told me 3 to 5 business days and I really wanted it while i was off for the holiday. So friday wasn't bad. Because it wqas new i wanted it back as quick as possible and thought it would be better to deal with MS then Best Buy. Mainly because BB didn't have any in stock.

Also i asked the support guy if I should send it back or goto the store and he said sometimes the store can help and sometimes not. So i just sent it back.

I didn't get the BB warranty or the MS one.


Can someone who has Complete on their SB please answer and let me know how it shows up on their device or their account? I would greatly appreciate that information.
When I go to the Surface Online Service Center Device Manager page, it shows that my Surface Book has an extended service plan.


Ah, thank you Talldog. That was exactly what I was looking for.

I "think" I ended up there last week during my investigations (possibly before I bought the plan in the store) since it looks familiar, but I can't say for sure. I was definitely at a page that looked like it and which had a link to add an extended service plan, but the link didn't seem to do anything.

All I can say for sure is that today that site says that my device is covered by an Extended Service Plan with Accidental Damage Protection through <2 years>. All is well now, thanks everyone for helping.

Here is the link I used for future reference: Surface Online Service Center - Welcome