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Manafacturing Defects on the Surface RT



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Wow, that's amazing service from MS. Would've been even cooler if they gave you a surface 2 instead..haha

I wonder how someone who bought their rt off of eBay would do this. As eBay doesn't give you a receipt with a bar code. Unless there's someway to get one. Now that I think about it, as long as you still covered under warranty, you good. As that is considered a hardware defect. Even if no receipt, they can cross reference the serial number to the one matched on warranty registration as long as you have your id also.


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Honestly, I've never had as much trouble with products as with Microsoft, be it the xbox or the surface, there's tons of problems with them.
To go with the title, my surface pro shipped with this treat:

Surface Port.png

That's the video port thing, a.k.a. the Display Port, completely obliterated.
Looked like some mad little elf finger-sexed it with his pointy buttery fingers.