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Marking Up PDF Files


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Posted recently with several questions and all have been answered except one.

"On a Surface RT 64 GB is it possible to view a PDF file and it mark it up with comments?"
Thanks again all.


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Hi Brian,

Yes you can mark up PDFs, a couple of way. The built in PDF Reader has rudimentary mark up support, Black Ink and Highlighting. You can use PDF Touch which has more options. What I typically do depending on use case, if it is for me only, I send the PDF to OneNote and mark it up there. If I need to share the PDF with others, I use Word 2013 and then save it back as a PDF.


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Thanks Jeff, That's great.

Highlighting will probably suffice for me as it's just to draw my attention to where I have a comment to make on a paper during a meeting. I will however try your "fix" out of interest.

I never cease to be amazed at getting replies to a spurious question from the other side of the world in a matter of minutes.



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No worries - that is the joy of the connected world!!! BTW - Adobe PDF Reader Touch has the ability to highlight and make comments (just tested it after not using it for a few months).
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