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Using a stylus pen


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Hello, I was trying to use my Jot Stylus Pen that I bought with my surface rt, and had some problems.

first I didn't found a way to add handwriting comments on pdf files,
and when using OneNote I always need to change to Draw for using the pen, in the OneNote modern app,
couldn't use it at all.

how do I change it so I could write comments on a Pdf files using my pen and make it default there and in the onenote.

thank you

p.s. Im using surface rt


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I don't think you can make it default for the desktop one note app simply because using the stylus on a surface rt is no different from using your finger. The surface rt cannot distinguish whether you are using the stylus or not. The surface pro however automatically does digital inking in one note because the stylus that comes with the surface pro is an ACTIVE digitizer that works especially with the surface pro screen.

In terms of marking pdf files, you'll need an application that supports inking/making marks such as note anytime. There really aren't many good ones yet for windows 8 at the moment

Tom T

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I agree, and maybe it isn't a possibility, but you should seriously consider returning the RT and getting a Pro if Stylus use is a main requirement. Even the Pro is a work in progress but Microsoft is working to improve the experience.