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Just got mine: help with PDF and pen


I just got my new surface pro 3 and I'm stoked!

Just a couple questions:

1) when I double click the pen, it doesn't go to one none l note. What do I do?

2) any good PDF programs where I can just open the PDF file and start highlighting and marking it up like a book? (I don't want to have to open the PDF in word and have it converted, THEN I can highlight). I just want to open PDF and start writing.

Did you get the pen to work yet? If not, search this forum. There's a particular Windows Update that you may have to install manually to get it to work, but it would take me as long to find it as it would take you....


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I haven't gotten the pen to work yet :(
the single click function works (opens one note)
The double click function still wont work :(


yes, double click takes a screenshot into ON. Single click opens ON with a blank note.
If that does not work, remove your Surface Pen from known Bluetooth devices in settings and pair it again. I had the same in the very beginning.


Yeah the clicks need to be very close together, you may be leaving too much time between clicks


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The Double Click thing, it is very finicky if using with extended monitors, also when you double click the screen turns semi-transparent white and then you use the pen to lasso what you want to grab, if you hit any key on the keyboard or mouse click the screen disappears....