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Marvel wireless driver and bluetooth driver


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ok folks
i got my 64 GB pro tuesday.
after i got it, i loaded win 8 enterprise on it.. (need this for direct access to work)
it loaded fine.. however.. hard drive space was a problem.. by the time i loaded all the apps, and setup the user's files.. i ran out of space
so i did a system reset.
after it comes up.. as enterprise.. i have no drivers for either the wireless (marvel) or the bluetooth.

anyone else run into this??? MS solution.. exchange it for a new one..
Sounds to me like you needed the 128GB. I have no experience with Enterprise but can't you find drivers online with it?
cuz no one lists them! marvel's site is next to useless. i even did a suport chat with MS today..they dont even offer them as a download.. i really need help with this.