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Media Library Locations - Tip not working


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Hi Everyone,

I am enjoying the Surface and decided to get a microSD card to store all my music, movies etc. I followed the steps here to point the libraries at the relevant microSD folder.

I have tried this about half a dozen times and it is really not working for me. I have reformatted the card as NTFS to see if that would help, but no luck. I can see my files by clicking "Open Files" from the library app, but I thought that it should come up by default when I press "My Music"

I would really appreciate the help in getting this working - am i the only one struggling with this?


Try the route(s) described in the How-to guide in this site's Support-FAQ forum.

Ok, thanks, I can confirm I have tried all the guides listed here - is that the correct FAQ/Guides section?

I have also tried the command prompt version shown here

Both of which did not work. I have tried re-indexing all of the directories created - to no success!

Really starting to pull my hair out on this one - so any help would be appreciated


The instructions at http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...-content-library-use-primary-destination.html worked for me, except I don't think they are complete.

You additionally need to go into the desktop control panel. Search for indexing options. Add the directory in which you made the junctions to the index (eg, c:\sd in my case). Rebuild the index, and give it a little while. This has worked for me and a couple others.


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Aw: Media Library Locations - Tip not working

Ok I tried it by myself: You can follow the guide on the faq, the important thing is setting the location as primary folder (set folder) and the indexing option. If you now put the files into the music folder on your card and restart the music-app, it should appear (that's what I did here)
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the replies! Really appreciate it.

I managed to get it working, but the behaviour is a little strange...

When I add media to my SD card and run an index, they don't appear immediately in the music app...they load gradually - which is fine tbh.

However, I did the same for the pictures app and when I take a picture, it goes into the correct folder, but doesn't appear in the photos app...weird

Thanks for the help anyway and if anyone can offer any hints on this. That'll be great.
Can I add, that the only library that seems not to be functioning properly is the Pictures app...Anyone any ideas as to how to fix this?

It's strange, if I create a folder and put images that were in the pictures app already, then it works...but if I rebuild the index, the images disappear and i'm left with just the empty folder :-S

Have I missed a step? Appreciate the help as always


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The Picture App seems to be the only of the Programs that does not work....it has been like that even in the DP, CP. RP and now RTM versions
I think I found the trick to make the pictures app work.
you need to copy pictures directly in the the pictures folder you created (not sub-folders)

once the pictures are recognized by the app, then you can add new subfolders with pics.

you may need to re-install the app after setting up your SD
This is driving me up the dam wall. I've tried everything and can't get them to appear in the apps. Currently I have media on my SD card in the respective folders. I then have the SD card mapped to an empty folder on the root of the C drive called sdcard. Everything then appears in there. However I can't add this folder c:\sdcard to the list of indexed locations it just does not appear. Card is formatted as exFAT. going to try reformatting as NTFS and see if that makes a difference