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Including SD Folders In the Libraries

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Someone was asking about this in another post and I wrote up this reply. I thought I'd make it a thread so no one had to dig for it.

How to include the folders on your SD card into the Windows libraries. This is to make the media on your SD card show up in the Music, Pictures and Video apps. As well as any other program that wants to reference the Documents folder such as Office.

1. Open the Desktop app
2. Open Windows Explorer
3. Insert your SD card and navigate to it in Windows Explorer
4. Make a folder for each of these on the SD card (you only need to make the folders you want to add to the library):


5. On the C Drive create a folder called SD
6. Right click (tap and hold) on Computer and click Manage
7. Click on Disk Management
8. Find your SD card volume, right click on it (tap and hold) and click Change Drive Letters and Path
9. Click add and then click browse
10. Navigate to the C:\SD folder you created and click ok and ok again
11. Close Computer Management

Your SD card will now be mounted in the C:\SD folder you created. You will now have a C:\SD\Music folder, C:\SD\Pictures folder,C:\SD\Video folder and a C:\SD\Documents folder. Windows will now see that SD card as a local drive. You can now add those folders to the media library.

To add to the media library:

1. Open the desktop app
2. Open Windows Explorer
3. Navigate to a library such as pictures.
4. In the ribbon at the top click Manage under the purple Library Tools.
5. Click Manage Library
6. Click add, Navigate to your folder (C:\SD\Music for example) and click Include Folder
7. Click OK to close the library management for that library and move on to the next library if needed.

I hope this helps. I keep saying click when I mean tap. Kinda hard to let go of that ole mouse......


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Thanks for your detailed post, but this has already been explained in the FAQ-Post. Furthermore this method seems to generate some performance issues. So if you have problems, please try the alternative method. Since this is more of an guide, i've also moved this thread to the FAQ & Guides forum.
However, if you have more useful tips, please feel free to post, your help is appreciated :)
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