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Merge recovery partition back to C: drive?

Kahuna Cowboy

New Member
Hi all,

I got a really great deal on the original Surface Pro, but it was a 64GB, so space is a premium. I moved the recovery backup to a USB drive and deleted the recovery partition locally off of the SSD. This created a new volume of 7.70GB E: drive.

Does anyone know how I can merge the new E: drive volume with C:? I am having a heck of time with this. I tried a free partition manager but it could not do it.


Did the Surface create that E: drive by itself? Or did you create it? I copied the recovery on my surface pro 128 to usb, but didn't delete the drive. I figured if I deleted the recovery drive, it would just remove the partition. then you could just extend the C: drive into the free space. I don't get why it would create an E: drive, or do you have a micro-sd D: drive?