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recovery disk/drive question


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I have moved my recovery drive to a thumb drive. Same thing I did when I was running 8.1. The difference is that when I did it running 8.1 the hard drive space recovered after moving the recovery was added back to my C drive. In 10 it seems to have created a 5gb partition labled F drive....how do I merge the recovered space labled F into my C drive? Thank you in advance for any information you could give me!


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Id imagine if you look at Disk Management you will see there is a Partition between C: and F: so you cant do it with Windows.
An advanced partitioning toll would probably let you delete F: move the other partition to the end then let you merge free space to C: However, BIG CAUTION that other partition is a Recovery Partition created during the Upgrade for W10 and if anything points to the offset it will BORK Recovery.

Hey, it's only 5GB... it's hardly worth messing with. :)