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fast startup and micro sd card=CPU and Disk usage to go extremely high. Please READ


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I've had a 64GB micro sd card in mine since day one and haven't noticed anything bizarre with CPU usage, and I use HWiNFO regularly to monitor temps, CPU and memory usage. Not sure exactly what you are seeing, but as others have said, it will randomly do stuff but most of the time, like right now after emailing and browsing all morning, I'm showing 1-6% CPU usage and 21% memory load with all my current programs running. I alternate between shut downs and just letting it sleep.


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Had the Sandisk 64GB in since day one. After startup, CPU and current draw are way up. After a bit, it drops down. The time varies based on what it's doing. Mines currently at 3-6% and that's with twitter running in the background. Windows does all kinds of indexing/scanning/etc. on startup. I don't think this is a problem.


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What is fast start up and how do I access it? I've got a card and will give this a go but I don't really know what you mean by that...


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Same problem with new SP2

FYI my findings.... if you find your Pro2 running hot here's why.
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I am having the same problem with CPU total about 30% continuous with a 64GB installed. Have been testing over the last two days and narrow down this issue. System and System interrupt takes up about 20%+ of CPU continuously. Working with MS support now...

When I remove the SD, CPU goes back to normal idle of few %.


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+1 I just tested it in multiple ways
I have a 8GB microSD card

1. I tested hibernate with the card in, it stuck to around 30% for at least a minute or two.
2. I tested hibernate without the card in, CPU dipped to below 10% within seconds.
3. I repeated the above after disabling window's indexing service, same results. So its not related to indexing.

EDIT: But for me at least it definitely does go down back to normal idle levels even with the sd card in.
Maybe its because my card is small. But the only impact card size should have is if indexing is being done, but I see no difference between indexing being on or off.
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I would think this especially holds true like if most of your memory card is filled up or its filled with a ton of pictures and videos. I forgot what the process is called, I remember from android, but its scanning and sort of caching all the info on it. Which would seem to be normal upon waking up from deep sleep or restart. Even from fast restart. But my levels also go back down and my 64gb is full of steam games. Only a little bit of space left.


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Windows always has some b.s. running in background or at startup. I make sure to minimize my programs starting up upon reboot or startup.


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I know with Android it tries to generate thumbnails for everything before you even view the folder, but those thumbnails are saved on the card and not processed again the second time, I think.

With windows 7 I know it doesnt generate thumbnails until you look at the actual folder in the med-large icon views.
Not sure about Windows 8, so you might be on to something.