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Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay has taken to the official Windows Blog to announce Surface Hub 2.

“Today’s most effective businesses have a team-based, collaborative culture and place an emphasis on enabling creativity and productivity” said Panoy. “In fact, companies that promote collaborative working are five times as likely to be high-performing.”

“There is a need for a device built for teams and designed for these new environments. To help people collaborate whether they are in the office, at home, or travelling the world. To move beyond just passing along information, to a world where they are collaborating real-time, in an efficient, and intuitive way.”

Panay goes on to say that the Surface Hub 2 is such a device, having been “designed from the ground up to be used by teams – to get people out of their seats, to connect and ideate, regardless of location.”

The “sleeker, more agile and more affordable” Surface Hub 2 boasts a “gorgeous” 4K+ 50.5” multi-touch display, and has Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10, and the intelligent cloud.

Integrated speakers, 4K cameras that rotate with the device, and far field mic arrays are designed to ensure that everyone in the meeting feels that they are all right there with their colleagues.

Panay reveals that Microsoft sold the original Surface Hub to more than 5,000 customers across 25 markets, with over half of the Fortune 100 companies buying Surface Hubs for their teams.

Microsoft will begin testing Surface Hub 2 this year with “select commercial customers,” prior to its release in 2019. Click here to find out much more about the Surface Hub 2:

Microsoft Surface Hub | Connect, Collaborate & Share All-In-One Device

Source: Meet Surface Hub 2 - Microsoft Devices Blog


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This thing is so freaking cool! At my home office we have about 4 of the Surface Hub 1 devices. They're pretty expensive but really nice!

What I really love is the way the whiteboard works. For starters: it's way better than jotting down some drawings in OneNote. But I think even better than the whiteboard app on my Surface 3.
On the flip side: starting to use a Surface Hub could be easier. Perhaps it's just due to the fact that I haven't spend enough time with it... For some reason I cannot just logon with my enterprise ID and have everything I do on the Surface Hub synced with everything on my laptop/tablet/phone...basically everywhere I also use the same account/enterprise ID.

On a side note: nice going dear people from the forum! I just started this reply on my phone in Google Chrome and thought it would be easier to type on the laptop. So I opened the article on my laptop in IE and noticed that what I had typed in Google Chrome on the phone is automatically shown here. Great!


Paul Thurott actually was effusive in his praise for this thing. No negative snarky comments. That means Surface team really hit it out of the park!