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Windows 10 Briefing Part 4: Microsoft Unveil's the Surface Hub for Enterprise


Editor in Chief

Yesterday we hinted at rumors that Microsoft would unveil some new hardware at their Windows 10 briefing this morning. It turns out our speculation about it being a Surface product was both right and wrong at the same time.

Microsoft unveiled their new Surface Hub, which is a gigantic 84-inch 4K Surface TV designed for Enterprise level applications. So, basically it was a new Surface, it just wasn't one for us regular consumers. This thing is meant to offer several features for presentations and communication in corporate meeting rooms. For example, it can act as a monitor in meeting rooms, that can also run Skype, PowerPoint and other Microsoft productivity software on one gorgeous gigantic display!

We can see how some folks with equally gigantic pockets might want to use this for more mundane purposes at home, but for the most part, this will be a great way for Microsoft to get more of their Surface products into businesses around the world. Great move MS!