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Stopped my MS store at lunch today and ordered mine. I will be pairing it up with my Windows 8.1 Nokia phone.

Scott Garri

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Just picked one up today. Have paired it with a Galaxy S4 on Android 4.4.2. After only a few hours my initial impressions are great. Have used many devices in the past (Gear 1, Sony Smartwatch, Qualcomm Toq, LG G Watch, Fitbit, Polar Loop, Garmin Vivosmart). Like the design, screen is vivid and responsive, social and messaging notifications work great, heart rate monitor seems accurate. I will try it on a run tomorrow and test out the GPS and Heart monitor. The MS Band seems to blend activity tracking and basic smartwatch functions very well right out of the box. My guess is it will get even better with public use and feedback. Thanks MS!


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Picked mine up Saturday. I like it but I'm not overly impressed yet. Would like to figure out more I can use if from. Nice to find out how I sleep and see some messages without getting my phone out though. Would like some more color options and background screens with the ability to create my own. It took me awhile to get it to pair and stay paired but after s few attempts it finally settled in and has remain paired for several days now. I can't believe my heart rate is only around 56 to 60 as I sit here working on my computer. I will spend the $20 for the replacement if I damage it. I was told you can keep renewing that each year for $20. I hope there will be more options and fun things to use it for down the road. Some people of complained that it is a bit uncomfortable to wear. I guess it would be better if it was more curved but to be honest as a non watch wearer, I forget that I even have it on most of the time.


Nice work. I am waiting for it to be released internationally.hopefully not too far away now


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I have one on the way. Will be pairing it with the iPhone.
Would love it to pair with the Surface Pro 3.


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I haven't tried pairing it with my SP3 but I don't think the Microsoft Health app is available for anything but phones.


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I have a Band, and really like it. Best feature for me: Silent notification of calls, text, email, notifications without picking up my iPhone. Haptic feedback very nice.

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