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Free Screen Protectors for Microsoft Band 2


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How to apply an almost free screen protector for the Microsoft Band 2.

Scotch brand Transparent Tape (not the "Magic" tape), width 3/4 inches (19 mm) makes an excellent screen protector for the Microsoft Band 2.

1) Has same level of glossiness as the Band 2 screen
2) No loss in touch sensitivity
3) Tough protection
4) Easily replaceable

The length of tape needed is 1 3/4 inches (4.5 cm).
Place a segment of tape over the screen, apply pressure evenly, and remove before applying the final piece. Removes dust and grime.

Width of the tape is perfect without trimming. You may trim the length with a precision knife, if desired, or just keep the sawtooth edges from the dispenser.

Hint: You may measure off the correct length on the roll of tape before dispensing, by placing a tiny dot with a marker on the edge.

Now I have no worries about wearing the watch on the inside of my wrist, and causing scratches from my desktop.




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THATS GENIUS! going to have to try that! I just got my band 2 today so I need to protect it till the one I ordered comes in...