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Microsoft May Follow Samsung's Lead and Spam Multiple Different Surface Models


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Not too long ago we started hearing rumors of a potential Surface Mini product. Eventually that was confirmed, although it turns out the tab will come sometime next year. According to a new report, that may not be all that is coming next year. If the report is accurate, then Microsoft will be following Samsung's example in the tablet world and plans to spam several different versions, models, shapes and sizes of Surface products, rather than just a couple models like Apple.

So far this strategy flies in the face of what Microsoft has done up to this point, but that doesn't mean that a paradigm shift in tactics isn't valid. Supposedly, Microsoft Surface boss Panos Panay himself confirmed the eventual release of Surface models with multiple different sizes and aspect ratios. It looks like Microsoft doesn't want to just try and compete with Apple's iPad, but also wants to go after marketshare from Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX and HD series.

What do you guys think? Is this a bold move by Microsoft or a bad idea?

Source: BGR

This is what I said in another thread:
I wonder if the "multiple aspect ratios and sizes" statement is mostly an ambitious pipe dream from Panay or a "subject to change" road map, though. There's only so many resources MS can expend while, new to the market, engineering things and throwing them out to see what sticks--the 1st gen was a gamble. The 2nd gen is still a gamble. Cortana is a gamble (not as risky). Breaking against the iPad Mini, like I explained in other threads, is an even riskier gamble than these two current Surface lines. The problem is that users on a Surface forum are already going to be interested in what MS produces in these lines, so claiming that all these different sizes and aspect ratios would be great is missing the bigger point: If the market doesn't respond to the innovative flagship products for which there had been no direct competitors in the hybrid space (more are coming now), how can mini/other products compete in spaces where there are already solid giants? I think there has to be actual innovation from MS and not just a screen size change. Apple can afford cannibalism. MS doesn't have the market share for that. That's my POV, anyway. Speculation is all well and good, but it's far more important to see the 2nd gens succeed.

I suppose the spam-to-see-what-sticks model could work, hard to say. I'll remain mostly skeptical, though. :) Just waiting for my 2nd gen upgrade.
I think experimenting models might not cost anything

Yea, it is right that Apple wont spam as many models as Samsung would but MS has always made a point to give tough competition.
I believe it is really good for the market and customer specially if we have tough competition so MS spamming out more models of surface, I dont see anything wrong with it.
Also, I look at this as a very smart strategy to remain in demand and also to assume your customers with different variations.