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Microsoft Officially Slashes the Price of the Surface RT Down to $350


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Just last week we shared a rumor that Microsoft might reduce the price of the Surface RT tablet by $150 bucks. Those rumors have been officially confirmed by Microsoft. You can now purchase the of the 32GB Basic Version of the Surface RT for just $349.00 on Microsoft's website. Pricing varies from country to country, but it has effectively been slashed in several regions throughout the world. Here's a list of prices for several other countries besides the United States.

You can get the 32GB basic version for the following prices in these countries:
  • €329 euros in Germany
  • £279 in the United Kingdom
  • €339 in France
  • €337 in Italy
  • €329 in Spain
Industry speculation points to poor sales as the likely culprit for the price cut. From the get go, the Surface RT has only received lackluster reviews, not because it is a poor quality device, but simply because of the high price point. It looks like Microsoft is finally realizing they need to be ultra-competitive to get a foothold in the tablet market. If you have been holding out to grab the Surface RT at a discounted price, now's your chance. Here's a quick-link below.

Source: Microsoft Surface RT
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Both good and bad news. Good being the obvious..

Bad, seeing as how my second-hand RT is worth less at resale value.


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Ok...so if I get it right, basically with Microsoft products being an early adopter is not good...next time I will just wait instead


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I never regret the decision of getting the Surface RT at the price I paid for the experience and satisfaction I gained, regardless of all the crap that came out of Paul Thurrot's mouth.


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I guess I know how to pick my spots, lol. Just got a surface RT. Oh well, I'll have to bite the bullet on this one, I'm happy with it all the same.


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I have just ordered 2 - as an educator they are costing me only £160 each!
Sooo looking forward to it

retiring that tired Ipad 1!