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Microsoft Leaks Official Surface RT Pricing: $499 Without TouchCover; $599 With It


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Been waiting for a Microsoft Tablet to actually make the jump to a tablet. I for dang sure won't touch and ipad. Can't wait to get my hands on it.


Little pricier than I thought it woukd be but still ordered a 32gb surface with type cover, I just hope the hype is worth it.


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At this price I am glad you all are trying it out. Definitely want to see reviews of RT in the real world before committing. Of course I was more inclined to get the Surface Pro anyway. Yes it is even more expensive but it is an ultrabook in tablet form.

As far as a lower end tablet that the RT is, compared to a full Windows 8 tablet anyway, I am more likely to see what MS partners put out since the design premium on this device wouldn't be a factor for me. Give me a nice Asus RT tablet in plastic for $150-$200 less, after the verdict is in and and RT tablet might be in the future along with a Surface Pro.