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Microsoft Leaks Official Surface RT Pricing: $499 Without TouchCover; $599 With It


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We knew that eventually Microsoft would reveal the official pricing of their new Surface RT Tablets, but they surprised us today with a leaked pricing page that was promptly taken down. The new pricing for the Surface RT Tablet variations will be as follows:
  • 32GB Surface RT Without Optional Touch Cover = $499.00
  • 32GB Surface RT WITH Touch Cover = $599.00
  • 64GB Surface RT WITH touch Cover = $699.00
As you can see from the pic, the Surface RT will come in several color varieties. Also, it looks like pre-orders may begin soon, with a potential ship date of October 26th. Of course, since they quickly took the page down, it is distinctly possible that these dates may change. As always, we will keep you informed if we find out more.

Source: Engadget and Microsoft Store


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Wow, I'm really surprised! I think this will be a great pricing structure and at least allow them to competitive with Apple and Android tablets.


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Not bad. I would have preferred to see the touch cover included and the type cover cost extra. To say it another way I would have preferred if they have a $100 lower price across the board.


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I'm not sure if I'm getting this. So if i want a color touch cover and not black i have to pay and extra $120? I don't get the option to just pick a color i want? Sigh...


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Hope for the best

I really wish we could have had a few more demos of software and operation of RT, mainly Office. Just dropped about $200 more than I wanted to on a tablet that hasn't been proven on an OS that is still pretty much a mystery. MS has a lot of us going on faith. I sure hope the beta test REALLY is over.


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well there are plenty of office demos.


they have an entire channel.