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Microsoft Support pulls through once again!


So I've had issues with my AC adapter on the Surface Pro 3 and the charging indicator in the taskbar saying it's plugged in charging, and then saying charged (and vice versa), even though it's been plugged in the entire time. Status light on the cord doesn't flicker, the cord itself isn't damaged, and I also tried it with multiple wall outlets. I'm not sure if it's a electrical current issue with the dwelling and not a constant voltage being supplied.

Hit up Microsoft Support via Chat and they are sending a brand new AC adapter for free and I get to keep this "damaged" one. Has anyone had this issue with the AC adapter doing this?

Props to MS Support!


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I'm on my second SP3, but I'm using the original charger without issues. Guess there's always a percentage of hardware that develops an issue - my hardware issue was my SSD failing on my first SP3.