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Even Microsoft had no clue what I was talking about...

Thanks, yea I looked at that a while back as well. The one inside this unit is a modified version of it. Really weird as it has two output harnesses instead of one (like you see in PC PSU's). I'm thinking I might just mount TWO PSU's inside and see how it works out. Frankenstein... lol
one of your images above shows the power supply plate... from that is appears (best I can make out)
It's a 375W Power Supply DPSN510AB 100 - 240V
and lists the various voltages and amps for Output 1 and Output 2. I can't make them all out in the image but that's the info you need along with the Pin outs for the connectors (wiring). don't want the wrong voltage on the wrong pin... bad things could happen. ;)
Your best bet is to figure out what the original specs of the power supply are and buy a new one, from any company, with the same specs. Honestly all you need is the same voltage and amp output. If you are unlucky then you may need to cut off and solder on the old plug.

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