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Microsoft Surface May Come to Retail Chains Before Christmas


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Here's some great news for MS Surface fans today. In case you haven't heard, the Surface isn't doing so hot in sales right now. (That's obviously not the good news.) Apparently, the problem is not the quality of the product, nor is it because of its pricing. Several industry analysts have weighed in with the perspective that Microsoft's sell-through problem is only because of their limited exclusivity in Microsoft Stores. That may be about to change. Supposedly, Microsoft is planning to start selling the Surface in regular retail outlets before the Christmas season. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Microsoft plans to distribute its Windows 8 Surface tablets, currently available only through the company's website and brick-and-mortar stores, through major retailers, according to a published report.

Longtime Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott said that Surface tablets could start to show up at retail outlets "within days." Thurrot said Microsoft had always planned to establish retail distribution for Surface, "but the software giant has apparently decided to ramp up the speed and make it happen before the holiday selling season is over."

We think that this is a very wise move, and something Microsoft should have done to begin with. Regardless, if they do move this direction we will applaud them for it. It's better late than never...

Source: InformationWeek


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I'm guessing this was the plan all along. They probably had some internal targets and said if we sell less than this, then no broad distribution but if we hit these marks then we will increase production and make widely available. That would actually be a very smart thing for MS to do. Of course putting as many out there as possible is one option but given their recent hardware misadventures (Zune and Kin come to mind) this conservative approach was the right thing.


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Best move for them. Anyone that explores a surface will want to buy it, but if they have no way of exploring, MS has no chance.


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I agree, many people are not like us, and they may believe online reviewers like that lame one from BBC. I was in a group of friends who are solid Apple followers and a few of them were interested, but most of them tried to avoid any discussion against their iPad. All of them were appreciative, and I got complements on the hardware build.