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Microsoft Surface Price?



The way I see it, on a comparable model to the iPad it needs to be at least $200 less. They don't have an established App ecosystem -- and without the right software, the tablet (even with excellent hardware) is worthless. They need to subsidize getting these things out there so that developers have a reason to develop for them. HP saw what a firesale could do for a tablet that really had no software... follow in their footsteps but do a better job at it. Cheap hardware. If you want to buy marketshare, that's how you do it... then pray the developers follow suit.


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If this does in fact release with a price tag around $1,000 then MS will have a very short life in the tablet market.

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Rumor has it at $900. to $1100. Pricey... I read that MS will charge as much as $95. for each OEM license and will not compete in the lower end of the market. This can be a show stopper for MS.
Actually $85, regardless, thats still very steep. From my understanding this is not going to simply be a tablet. Surfing the web, playing movies and games is only a small part of it's capabilities. It will have a steep price tag in comparison but the capabilities will push beyond a tablet.

This will be an interesting one to watch because MS has just taken a HUGE gamble. Alienating the OEMS was a pretty bold move.....


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I disagree that the price tag is too steep at 1k. I think a lot of businesses would look at that as a bargain if it can fully replace a laptop especially if there is full compatibility with current systems. for the average consumer, yes 1k is way too much, but all it would take is some fortune 500 businesses to invest in these and drop their Dells or HPs to make it worth it for MS. The IT guys at my office are drooling and thinking 1k is a good deal...


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Guys, keep in mind there are 2 tablets here.

One is basically an ultrabook in tablet form. Ultrabooks are in the ~$1000 range so that is about right. My guess for this version would be a range of $999 to $1199.

The other is more like "traditional" tablets. Of course it is a high end 10" tablet which run in about the $399 to $599 range. I am guessing this version will run at the higher end of that so I'll say $499 to $699 would be appropriate.

Microsoft is making flagship devices here not mass market devices. Their partners can focus on those. With the feature sets they have and the fact you are paying for the premium device these prices are totally acceptable. I actually wouldn't want to see lower prices from MS. No, I'm not crazy but having too low of a price actually sends the wrong message and devalues the product. If you want to be high end that also means high prices. Just as long as they don't go overboard and start charging unjustified premiums.


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Oh yeah, and lets not forget the Windows 8 version (the ultrabook one) also has USB 3.0 (nobody else does) and an active digitizer layer for accurate stylus input. Those add some cost but also some awesome value :D