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Surface RT Release In Singapore 5 April 13 - Prices Starts at SG$668 (US$539)


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Microsoft has just revealed the prices for the Microsoft Surface RT tablet that will be launching on April 5, 7pm in Challenger's flagship store at Funan. The 32GB base model will retail for a very reasonable S$668, while the tablet with a Touch Cover bundle will cost S$798.


Take note that unlike in the U.S., at the moment, the Touch Cover will only be available in black, white and cyan. It costs S$168 on its own, which means the bundle will save you a tidy sum of S$38. There's also the 64GB model that's priced at S$798, and a Touch Cover bundle at S$938.

Surface RT Price (Inclusive of GST)

32GB Edition SG$668 ~ US$539
32GB Edition + Touch Cover SG$798 ~ US$643
64GB Edition SG$798 ~ US$643
64GB Edition + Touch Cover SG$938 ~ US$756

Challenger Member:
64GB Edition + Touch Cover SG$928 ~ US$748

Accessory Price (Inclusive of GST)

Touch Cover (Black, White, or Cyan) SG$168 ~ US$135
Type Cover (Black) SG$135 ~ US$108
Wedge Touch Mouse Limited Edition Surface Model SG$89 ~ US$71
24W Power Charger SG$58 ~ US$71
VGA Adapter for Surface RT SG$58 ~ US$71
HD Digital AV (HDMI) Adapter for Surface RT SG$58 ~ US$71