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Microsoft Surface Screen Size?


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Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the screen size? Would you like to see something smaller/larger??


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yeah no bigger than 11 but is that portable? portable tab for me is 8.9 (My favorite) Or smaller anything from ther to 11 is great but not portable


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I think this is a great choice for this product from MS. I look forward to having smaller options from the other OEMs for portability. My experience has been that 7" or 8" is perfect for extended use and portability. Larger than that gets unwieldy even with a kickstand.

For Surface 8 10" is good. For Surface RT I'd like about 8".


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For a full blown operating system the 10.6 is perfect. For the RT smaller would work since everything will he optimized for mobile.


10.6 is perfect for me. This is a big deal when I am traveling by plane. It is nice to be able to pull my tf300 with the keyboard dock and do anything I want.


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I'm with Wicked on this one 10.6 is good anything over 11 isn't but they do need to cater to the elderly and their poor eyes, people like me. ;)


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Personally, I think it can use a bigger screen. I am a digital artist, and this tablet would be perfect for drawing on the go if it had a larger screen. I think a 12.5 inch screen would make this the go to device for digital art.