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Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France


I cannot seem to find any help on other websites.
I got called Microsoft today because my date of delivery was the 2nd of November, on the Microsoft Store UK.

They said this was just an error and I should receive an E-mail giving me a tracking number and debiting my account of £560.

6:20PM, still not received an E-mail, how exactly are they supposed to get it from China to the UK and then to my house within a day?

My order was placed on the 16th of October, within an hour of the pre-orders going live.

So my question, has anyone here, from the UK, received their tracking numbers yet? Or am I worrying over nothing.
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users on the wpcentral forum say that MS have told them that our UK surfaces wont ship until tomorrow!! :(
no tracking number here and showing 2nd november on the MS store.

pre-ordered on the 18th, 32Gb with touch cover.

I have a long weekend off work as well so was really hoping to get it tomorrow :(
Some bad but clarifying news from zdnet. I think the same is gonna happen here in Germany. Despite my account says: "order now (why should i do this again?), and you'll get this by 26th of october", there's a 0.00€ as shipping date on my invoice.
Disappointing to say the least, and has to be the worst communication of a purchase I have ever had. Your getting it, your not getting it, wait no you are and now nope your not. If it comes on Monday that's not so bad, but another week's wait if the 2nd November is the date is ridiculous given the communication given.
Just rang Microsoft as I have been charged for the product, but I don't have any tracking E-mail. They simply said "The order is in process" which I already knew, and then just said that means its in the "warehouse", which I already knew. Not much help.
At least you got some (at least irritating) mails - since i've got the mail, there was no further communication or precise shipping date (as mentioned). At the surface (press)event in berlin, there was just only 1(!) surface, hidden behind glas, so no one could get a hand on. Severals users on facebook had a mail conversation with a rep from ms-store in de, but it's just like calling the support line - no real or precise answer, despite: sorry for any inconvenience.
Tweets with surface uk/france/germany are reporting same issues.

So time to take a deep breathe, calm down and just waiting for monday

btw: I've changed the title to UK/Germany/France, as most of us are in the same situation. I hope it's ok for LA33R - as European costumers seeming to be a minority here, but we are sharing the same problem.

Update: got an mail, my order has been canceled! :mad: Spoke to the support - only chance is to make a new order.
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I called up on Tuesday and got told that it WOULD arrive today.

Called twice today - both basically had no idea if or when it would ship, first one thought it may still arrive today (this was at 11:50am uk time)
second one basically said it may arrive by the 30th at the earliest.

as I'm away all next week it won't get delivered.


its not like theres even any retail places to go buy one, microsoft really messed up.
Same here, called today and said it was still "In the warehouse". I've been charged for the surface yet they said they wouldn't charge me until it has been shipped so it is all messing up for Microsoft today.

Thing is, we ordered these 2 weeks ago, and I would happily have gave my money over earlier for it, and on another thread on this forum, someone is in line waiting and he gets a year of Xbox Music, I think we should get the same for the trouble we are having...
yep theres really no excuse
on the calls today first one said "our site keeps crashing and is full of errors" WHAT microsoft can't make a scaleable website?
because when i check the store it still says shipping Nov 2nd

on the second call he said "can couldn't deal with the volumes" It's not like you haven't known they were ordered weeks ago.

at least in the usa you can go to a store to buy one.
Well done to Microsoft. Clear as very thick mud on a dark night.
I want a surface but service like this makes me want to cancel out of principal.