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Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard with Surface Pro 3


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Wow, I'm torn on this. Looks sweet and is something I'd throw the money down on. On the other hand as mentioned, it's smaller than the SP3 TypeCover which is already a tad small. Not sure if I could go smaller.

On the other hand the key spacing does look really nice. I tend to be kind of a "lazy" typist and often accidentally hit the wrong keys on the TypeCover.


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Indeed, the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is smaller than the Type Cover, but the slightly smaller keys are spaced out more. The net effect is that the keyboard is not much smaller. Photos I posted show that the total reduction in dimension amounts to a little less than one key.

If you can, a test feel at Best Buy or the Microsoft Store would be helpful.


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I wish that someone would release a keyboard where the keys outside A-Z was done with e-ink so the letter or punctuation could switch when you select different languages.


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My line of work is geophysics, and once last week the Mobile Keyboard was used by a team member as we collaborated on some work. Esoteric, yes. But better than shoving the computer back and forth.

At home, though, it is also useful to have an additional remote hanging around with mute and volume controls! Too bad these are missing from the Surface Type Cover.

This is why the Type Cover 1 always wins for me! Love the mute and volume up/down buttons... use them constantly. Luckily I couldn't use the backlit keys anyway. Would be nice if fuure keyboards brought these back.


I bought the Sony PS3 Bluetooth Keyboard vor 20 bucks. It has a trackpoint, a decent sizeand a nice typing feeling. It fits in a case for the Logitech K800 keyboard. It is so much better than the totally overpriced Cover. I like the Microsoft Keyboard too, but I need a trackpoint for working. Only Lenovo and Sony build Bluetooth Keyboards with Trackpoint.


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The fact that the type cover cannot be dis-attached and still workable brings me to buy the universal keyboard. Still waiting for it in the mail.


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Yes, the Universal Foldable Keyboard seems to be a well thought out solution, price and lack of backlighting puts a little hamper on it though IMO.


Thanks for reviewing this keyboard.

I've been looking at several keyboards and after reading your review, decided to order it.