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Microsoft Will Pay You to Switch to a Windows Laptop; Offers More if Coming From a Mac


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It sounds a bit like market bribery, but if it adds extra value to us consumers we can't help but take advantage of it. Microsoft has a program in which they will pay you money to switch to a new Windows 10 laptop. You simply have to trade in an old Windows laptop and purchase a new Windows 10 laptop and Microsoft will offer up to $200 USD.

It's even more lucrative if you are trading in a Mac laptop. Microsoft has earmarked $300 USD for users willing to trade in a Mac for a new Windows 10 laptop. Here's a quote with the details,

  1. Purchase product(s): You can view the qualifying new product criteria on theQualifying Purchases page. Purchases must be made between 14th October 2015 and 20th October 2015.
  2. Claim online: Visit the Trade Up Now page on the promotional website. You will need to provide the below details: Date of purchase, place of purchase, invoice/receipt number, the serial number of your new qualifying product purchased, a picture of the box of your new qualifying purchase clearly showing the full part number and operating system, personal details, payments details, and proof of purchase for your new qualifying product (manufacturer, model, and quantity).
  3. Send your old Laptop or Macbook: Package and return your trade-in device as per the instructions received in the approval email, trade-in device must be received within 30 days from purchase.
  4. Receive your reward: Your claim will be paid within 28 days of validation.
For more info and to sign up for this offer, be sure to hit up this Microsoft link: Home - Windows Tradeup


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Might want to re-read the topic title ;)

No different to the last trade in program they did, just take the ten minutes and stick your laptop on eBay instead.


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First -- press releases of 'sold-out' devices without providing numbers, now this. Creates a perception of desperation -- probably would've been better to ride the coattails of their impressive keynote and proceeded with regular product launches :(