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Microsoft's Windows 10 Briefing is Tomorrow; Might Include a Hardware Announcement


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From a business/enterprise point of view, the Hub looks awesome. Now let's see the price tag $$$....

Personally, I'd have to say that this was one of the most exciting Microsoft events I've ever seen. You can definitely see that they are changing.


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So, who is disappointed that the only new Surface was the Surface Hub?
They did promise a new Flagship Phone running W10 ... which I assume means not until W10 is released.
Very reminiscent of that other ex third place phone.
Maybe there will still be some phone customers left by then or maybe HoloLens on the phone will generate the excitement to bring them back.


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I wonder what an HPU looks like... I'm guessing it resembles a GPU with 1 added to the first letter G+1PU.


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The terminology is changing. I think some people don't realize that the version of Windows 10 out there now is not really a customer preview or what was once called a beta. We'll need a new tech dictionary.


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Well, I'm more intrigued than I thought I'd be by the stuff coming from this event.

As for new Surface devices, in the Q&A after the event, apparently Satya Nadella/Joe Belfiore said they're working on an update for Surface RT devices. Don't know what that means and coming from a 2nd source.

And didn't someone spot a Surface Mini-type device on the podium?


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I am disappointed because no Surface Mini yet.

But happy because it was a great and promising "briefing".